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Cedar Creek Teams - April 7th, 2019 - early entries
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Craig Anderson and Ronnie Settle bring 22.01 to the scales to dominate March !

results and pics

Help us celebrate our 16th season and 1K followers on Facebook with our new 'Full Flights - Enter now - Pay Later!' promotion!

Here is how it works -
Send us 6 checks - 1 for each event (add membership to the first check or send a seperate check [see below])
Get a boat number now for all 6 events (You pick 1st flight OR 2nd flight for each event [until each are full])
Wednesday before each event we deposit one check for your entry!
Sunday morning - No more standing in line, No more waiting for the 2nd flight!
****Membership fees for each team member will need to be included in the first check (or send a separate check)****
check 1 = $230 for Team $195 for individual
checks 2 thru 6 = $160 each

entries taken the day of the event will be for the next available boat number - picking flight 1 or 2 will only be via early entries


All Events Hosted by - Log Cabin City Park/Ramp

$160 dollar entry fee per team includes a $10 Big Bass side pot. $35 Per person membership required

90% percent total payback $2,000 guaranteed first place with 50 teams entered.

Events are on SUNDAYS.

2019 Cedar Creek Division Incentives

details here

Merritt Insurance Quote Triple Play

1. Get a Quote from Merritt Insurance between January 1 and Feb 23rd (first drawing), February 26th and April 6th (second Drawing) or between April 9th and May 18th (3rd drawing) - Be sure and let them know you fish with Ignition Bass

2. Fish with Ignition Bass at either first tournament February 25th, third tournament on April 8th or the 5th tournament on May 20th.

3. Hang around after weigh in to see if your name is drawn for the $100 instant prize (must be present to win) !

Merritt Insurance Policy Holder High Finisher

1. Get a Policy with Merritt Insurance !

2. Fish Ignition Bass in 2019

3. Be the highest finisher with a Merritt Insurance Policy and win $100


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