Teletherapy is now the new modality for acheiving psychotherapy brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. Medicare, which I do accept covers online therapy equal to in person therapy. Face to face counseling is available on a limited basis. There is still some risk for client and therapist in the current environment. At the same time the need for help from professionals is more important than ever. Economic and health anxieties are creating challenges for us all. Yet connection with others is essential to maintain good mental health and nurture hope for the future.

My practice has shifted to mostly online and I am actually excited about some of the benefits that have followed. The convenience of sitting down to the computer or even smart phone create a real advantage rather than fighting through traffic and weather to be on time for a face to face appointment. Patients have even had sessions with their favorite pet in their lap which could never happen in a private therapy office. Teletherapy even offers some advantages such as feeling less self-conscious than in a in person meeting with a therapist.. Recent research also shows that self disclosure is often better with teletherapy.

Challenges to teletherapy include the need for a private space for sessions. Wiith lots of families currently at home together can create problems with confidentiality. There are ways to ensure privacy including wearing a headset or ear buds and sitting in a car for the session.

This information is to encourage you that help is still available and there are very positive aspects to teletherapy. Feel free to email me with any questions or request a personal phone call so we can discuss your concerns.